September 2015

Reasons to Rock a Flannel

Fall is fun because it’s full of possibilities. It’s warm enough that you can wait to pull out your parka but it’s chilly enough that you can finally start to layer and girls put away the shorts that show their cheeks and boys are forced to wear shirts at all hours of the day in public. Great, right? But there’s even more – flannels.

They are not limited to fall, no, but they do take precedence during this season. And with good reason; the flannels I own are some of the most versatile pieces in my closet. Whether it’s because I want to spruce up an outfit, I actually need a little sweater, or it’s just comfy, flannels will cover all of the above. And they can range from pricey to cheap, so it’s a win win.

Your fall should be full of flannels because..

1) They go with everything

Pair of jeans and a tee? Flannel. Dress with booties? Flannel. Need a more sophisticated look? Tuck that flannel in and slap a belt on it.

2) They keep you warm

Maybe the most practical reason, but it’s getting colder and you need a light jacket. So why not a flannel? Most are made out of cotton and are super warm and comfortable. They don’t convey the look of a bulky jacket so they are great to keep on all day and look casual while staying warm.

3) They embody the spirit of fall fashion

Fall fashion is all about simple clothes with a few statement pieces. A flannel is one of the only pieces that can claim both of those titles. It can be a statement piece in an outfit that is put together with the mindset that the flannel will be the declaration of color or the ‘pop.’ It’s also simple because of its concept; it’s just a plaid button up in various colors. But it’s super freaking cute.

Fall should be versatile and that’s exactly what a flannel is. Flannels have their moment of glory during this time of year because of their context in fashion. A simple, comfortable yet non hobo-looking piece of clothing that is warm and extremely cute is something everyone should own. You can check out Urban Outfitters for some ideas but if you’re wanting so save not spend, head to any thrift store or the mens department. You’ll roll out with something vintage or something much cheaper but that still serves its purpose. Embrace fall and rock a flannel – that’s what nugget says.



Movie of the Week – ‘The Intern’

Everyone watches movies. Whether at home or out at the theater, it’s a classic American pass-time. Because of that, it’s easy to say that most people have seen some pretty tragic movies. My goal is to help with that. I’m an avid movie buff, I love to curl up and watch a new movie (hopefully a good one). So, I thought it would be fun to do a movie of the week and spread some knowledge about movies that are interesting and fun to watch! Be proud; if you’re reading this, you’re about to be here for the start of a tradition.

This week, I watched ‘The Intern.’ It starred Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro, who honestly worked so well together. The plot was that Anne’s character started an internet sensational business and became the head of an insanely successful company within the last two years but she is overwhelmed and frantic. Her company starts a PR program that recruits senior citizens to be interns. There enters De Niro, who plays an experienced gentleman who is retired but is still rocking’ it. They start to work together and everything that follows will make you laugh and cry.

It touched home on many topics and could relate to multiple interests. Maybe it could be classified as a “rom-com,” but really it was just a good movie about the reality of life and stress. I left the theater in love with an old man, inspired to follow my passions, and with the need to tell everyone I know that they should go watch this movie. Ergo, the birth of this new, weekly column. ‘The Intern’ rocked, but you should check it out for yourself because until you do, that’s just what nugget says.


Birthday Thoughts

There are so many things that change the older you get. It’s undeniable and inescapable. Being that my birthday was yesterday, I found another item that has changed over the years.

Kids want presents. They want something they can run off and play with till they break it or have to go to bed. Even last year, I was thinking about what I wanted and it was all things that would be useful for a long time into the future, sure, but my list of presents was still there. This year was different though.

Being at college, the little things matter most. And that reality hit me when I realized that all I really wanted for my birthday was to take a nap and hangout with my parents and friends. Priorities, I am right?

Don’t get me wrong, everyone loves presents. I still bought myself a pair of boots. But now when I think of my birthday it isn’t about how many presents I can receive, it’s how much time I can spend with the people who care about me. And that’s what nugget says.


Breakfast Bar Bliss

Open and airy, breakfast bars in Spain need to be a daily visit. Fresh produce and pastries along with a great view of the city around you make them so memorable.
Open and airy, breakfast bars in Spain need to be a daily visit. Fresh produce and pastries along with a great view of the city around you make them so memorable.

30 Things Girls Think While Walking to Class

1) Should I lock my dorm? Nah.

2) Elevator or stairs.. Elevator.

3) I hope I see no one I know.

4) Why won’t the doors shut faster?

5) My backpack is so heavy.

6) Lalalalalala.

7) Okay, which doors do I go out of?

8) Outside at last!

9) Wish I was back inside, it’s hot.

10) That person is dressed up for class, should I be dressed up?

11) Nope.

12) I wonder if they really have to pay for your tuition if you get hit by a car..

13) Speed walk, speed walk, speed walk.

14) Ooooh free food over there!

15) I already ate, keep going, you can do it.

16) Maybe I should learn how to long board so I can ride it to class.


18) I wonder if they’re even taking roll today.

19) My backpack is so heavyyyyyyyyyy.

20) I’m sweating, gross.

21) Is this my building?

22) I’ll be nice and hold this door open.

23) No thank you? I’ll never hold the door again.

24) Almost there.

25) Does this count as my exercise for the day?

26) No one better be in my seat or it’ll be fight club in this class.

27) Guess I’ll just choose a different seat today..

28) Maybe we’ll get out early.

29) I’m dropping out.

30) Hey, a cute boy.


I’ve always thought of myself as someone whose in, ‘the know’, about most things. I’ve usually got a pretty good cap on what’s going on with the people around me and sometimes even the people that aren’t around me. This particular talent (is being nosy a talent?) comes from being extremely involved. I like to do things. And when I say things I mean everything. So, I’m a victim to FOMO.

I first heard a girl in my sorority talk about this iconic acronym and I found that it’s interesting and credible. It stands for, ’Fear Of Missing Out.’ It might sound ridiculous but there’s a point. There are so many activities and parties and clubs and meetings that you can’t possibly go to all of them but it can feel like you need to and there enters FOMO.

You see your friends going to a party and you’re worried they’ll have a great time and you’ll miss something so you put down your homework and pick up your straightener to start the process of getting ready. You hear people in your classes talk about the twelve student clubs they’re the leaders of and you start to worry that they’re gaining valuable information you’ll never have access to unless you join those clubs. You talk to your hallmates and they tell you about all the multicultural events they went to last week and how great it was and now you feel like you need to become well-versed in every culture or you’ll fail. The monster that’s anxiety threatens to roar its ugly head and you stress yourself out for no reason.

It’s important to have a well-rounded foundation and to involve yourself, but it’s also important to realize that you can only spread yourself so thin before everything will collapse. That being said, focus on the things that are specifically tailored to your interests. Pick a few activities that you want to completely invest yourself in, be passionate about, and roll with them. Be willing to listen to the stories and successes of those around you, but don’t let the quantity of what they’re up to overwhelm you. You listen to the president speak about his job but you’re not freaking out about not being the president. At least I hope you’re not.

The memories you make will be the perfect fit for your life. So if you think you could be susceptible or that you are currently experiencing FOMO, fear not – chill out, do your homework, and make time for the things that make you happy. You won’t miss out for what you’re supposed to be there for, and you should trust what nugget says.


Smiling is Pretty

There are a few things I don’t leave my house without. Included in that list would be my phone, my student ID, and a snack, respectively. But it wasn’t until recently that I started to take the phrase, “don’t leave without a smile,” seriously.

First of all, it’s super cheesy. Sure, I’ll take my smile with me *insert eye roll.* But now that I’m somewhere new and different, I can see that it has some credibility. There are plenty of reasons to put an effort forth in trying to smile more.

1) It makes you look friendly

When I’m walking down the sidewalk on the way to class, I pass hundreds of people. Out of those hundreds, maybe only five smile at me as we make awkward eye contact. But you know what? Those are the people I remember and think to myself, “I bet that person is pretty friendly and nice.” Smiling at someone is like recognizing their existence and I believe feeling recognized is important. So smile at strangers and make them feel good.

2) RBF is not cool

I’ve heard jokes. I’ve looked at memes. I’ve seen it in person. Resting B*tch Face is not cute, despite what you might have heard. Why would you want to go around looking like you hate everyone in a five mile radius of you? I hope the answer is that you wouldn’t. I’ve been guilty of catching myself scowling and I try to correct that because if I was choosing a seat in class, it wouldn’t be next to the person who looks like they would cut me if I said hey. You don’t have to be constantly cheesin’, but don’t look like you are pissed at the human population.

3) Smiling can actually make you feel happier

In the article, ‘Does Smiling Make You Happy?,’ by Julia Layton, she discusses the multiple studies done on the effects of smiling. By engaging the facial muscles in a smile, the brain can be tipped in the right direction and let off, ‘happy hormones.’ Faking a smile may not make you the happiest person alive, but it can apparently show you the door to being happier, so why not? It’s free, too.

4) It makes you more attractive

People who smile have been found to be more attractive. There could be many reasons for this, ranging from the fact that smiling makes you happier and therefore those around you feel happy to be by you, all the way to the question – who doesn’t love someone who has a great smile? You’re more approachable when you smile, so you’re more likely to meet new people and form relationships with those around you.

5) It’s the most natural facial expression

Babies smile in their sleep as soon as they’re born. They start to smile while they’re awake at around a month of being alive. And that’s every baby in the whole world, making it the most natural and understood facial expression. So don’t tell yourself that you’re just not a smiley person, you’ve been doing it since you were born.

Smiling is a concept that cuts across every social, economic, racial, religious, and language barrier. It is mutually beneficial for the giver and the receiver. Here are 15 more facts about smiling if you don’t believe me. So just smile friends, you’ll enjoy it, but that’s just what nugget says.


America the Brave

Seeing as today is a very infamous day in American history, I decided to throw out a few thoughts.

Whatever your stance is on american politics, policies, or presidents, it should have very little affect on your opinions of the men and women who dedicate their lives everyday to something bigger than themselves. There are problems in every governmental system and there are corrupt people in every aspect of life, but there are also the people who pull others out of burning buildings and the people who leave their families for the call of duty and the people who pull over reckless drivers so the roads are safe. These people are normal individuals who have aligned themselves with extraordinary careers.

America the Great is full of bravery. Bravery can be in the big or the small acts. But it is a special type of bravery to put yourself in the line of public safety everyday.

My hope is that people remember to respect – that people remember the reason we can gripe at each other about who can get married and whether McDonalds is charging too much for their coffee and if kids should learn to read at age 5 or 6. The tiny details are possible because the larger details are being taken care of by those who see the importance of stepping up to fill the dangerous roles and do exactly that.

The point is that you are being protected by a man or woman who doesn’t know your name and never will, that spends less time with their families than they would like, and that willingly chose to pursue a lifetime of service so that you don’t have to. Whether you agree with what goes on in the world or not, you get that decision because there are those who have given their lives to make sure you have a voice during yours.

Hopefully everyone understands this, but it’s still just what nugget says.


Easy Fall Fashion

Fall is approaching and included somewhere in the mix of important staples that go with the season is fashion. That may or may not be intimidating for some, but I believe it’s because fall fashion is simply misunderstood.

In the time of year where the world around us is changing into a blast of color, it’s easier than you might think to come up with looks that are season appropriate and classic. One major concept is to have staple pieces. Simple and timeless, a pair of boots or a jacket that can complete any outfit are a must-have.

For example, olive green has made a comeback recently. It falls perfectly into the fall color scheme and can be paired with all different shades of orange, red, brown, etc. I, personally, am in love with the color, especially in a staple jacket. There are many places to get these jackets, but my favorite is one from american eagle, which you can see here.

Jackets like the one above are great because they work with any color denim. Light or dark, olive will compliment and accentuate what you’re working with. It also pairs very well with different shades of brown or black when it comes to boots. I prefer booties, or boots that only come up to right around the ankle and Lucky Brand has many pairs that can be added to an outfit to create your own twist on a classic fall look.

A jacket, jeans, and boots paired with a simple shirt and accessories like a scarf or bag and minimal but statement piece jewelry is a classic and complete fall look that anyone can rock. Just remember to keep it simple. The atmosphere outside is growing more complicated with colors, foods, and smells, and you’re not a tree. You’re a fashionable human being that understands their color palette. At least, that’s what nugget says.


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