So we all know the implications that come with the words and phrases, ‘school,’ and, ‘homework,’ and, ‘I have to get up at 7 in the morning.’ Most of the time that stuff is terrible, if we’re being honest. I totally get that. Everyone gets that. But the great part? We all still have to do it.

Whether you’re sitting in high school or struggling through college, learning is a part of life. And even though it can be hard and you may not agree with the way your particular administration works, the value of information is priceless and always will be. Being a well rounded human being comes from knowing a well rounded amount of knowledge.

That being said, every area of learning is just as important as the next. Whether you’re into math and science or you like to curl up with a good book, math will still benefit you and english will still prove to be useful. Learning isn’t just about the end goal of a degree or a job or to just get through the system; it’s a never ending journey that is supposed to help shape the way you think and look at the world and situations around you and to foster continual growth.

Expand Your Mind: Importance of Lifelong Learning and Continuous Education, by Brian Tracy, a well-known leader in helping people develop personal achievement and business skills, talks about how learning is important whether you’re trying to keep up in your field or to expand your mind in general. You can read that article here

School may not always be the most fun, but neither is brushing our teeth and it’s still a necessity. At least it should be, but that’s just what nugget says.