Fall is approaching and included somewhere in the mix of important staples that go with the season is fashion. That may or may not be intimidating for some, but I believe it’s because fall fashion is simply misunderstood.

In the time of year where the world around us is changing into a blast of color, it’s easier than you might think to come up with looks that are season appropriate and classic. One major concept is to have staple pieces. Simple and timeless, a pair of boots or a jacket that can complete any outfit are a must-have.

For example, olive green has made a comeback recently. It falls perfectly into the fall color scheme and can be paired with all different shades of orange, red, brown, etc. I, personally, am in love with the color, especially in a staple jacket. There are many places to get these jackets, but my favorite is one from american eagle, which you can see here.

Jackets like the one above are great because they work with any color denim. Light or dark, olive will compliment and accentuate what you’re working with. It also pairs very well with different shades of brown or black when it comes to boots. I prefer booties, or boots that only come up to right around the ankle and Lucky Brand has many pairs that can be added to an outfit to create your own twist on a classic fall look.

A jacket, jeans, and boots paired with a simple shirt and accessories like a scarf or bag and minimal but statement piece jewelry is a classic and complete fall look that anyone can rock. Just remember to keep it simple. The atmosphere outside is growing more complicated with colors, foods, and smells, and you’re not a tree. You’re a fashionable human being that understands their color palette. At least, that’s what nugget says.