Seeing as today is a very infamous day in American history, I decided to throw out a few thoughts.

Whatever your stance is on american politics, policies, or presidents, it should have very little affect on your opinions of the men and women who dedicate their lives everyday to something bigger than themselves. There are problems in every governmental system and there are corrupt people in every aspect of life, but there are also the people who pull others out of burning buildings and the people who leave their families for the call of duty and the people who pull over reckless drivers so the roads are safe. These people are normal individuals who have aligned themselves with extraordinary careers.

America the Great is full of bravery. Bravery can be in the big or the small acts. But it is a special type of bravery to put yourself in the line of public safety everyday.

My hope is that people remember to respect – that people remember the reason we can gripe at each other about who can get married and whether McDonalds is charging too much for their coffee and if kids should learn to read at age 5 or 6. The tiny details are possible because the larger details are being taken care of by those who see the importance of stepping up to fill the dangerous roles and do exactly that.

The point is that you are being protected by a man or woman who doesn’t know your name and never will, that spends less time with their families than they would like, and that willingly chose to pursue a lifetime of service so that you don’t have to. Whether you agree with what goes on in the world or not, you get that decision because there are those who have given their lives to make sure you have a voice during yours.

Hopefully everyone understands this, but it’s still just what nugget says.