I’ve always thought of myself as someone whose in, ‘the know’, about most things. I’ve usually got a pretty good cap on what’s going on with the people around me and sometimes even the people that aren’t around me. This particular talent (is being nosy a talent?) comes from being extremely involved. I like to do things. And when I say things I mean everything. So, I’m a victim to FOMO.

I first heard a girl in my sorority talk about this iconic acronym and I found that it’s interesting and credible. It stands for, ’Fear Of Missing Out.’ It might sound ridiculous but there’s a point. There are so many activities and parties and clubs and meetings that you can’t possibly go to all of them but it can feel like you need to and there enters FOMO.

You see your friends going to a party and you’re worried they’ll have a great time and you’ll miss something so you put down your homework and pick up your straightener to start the process of getting ready. You hear people in your classes talk about the twelve student clubs they’re the leaders of and you start to worry that they’re gaining valuable information you’ll never have access to unless you join those clubs. You talk to your hallmates and they tell you about all the multicultural events they went to last week and how great it was and now you feel like you need to become well-versed in every culture or you’ll fail. The monster that’s anxiety threatens to roar its ugly head and you stress yourself out for no reason.

It’s important to have a well-rounded foundation and to involve yourself, but it’s also important to realize that you can only spread yourself so thin before everything will collapse. That being said, focus on the things that are specifically tailored to your interests. Pick a few activities that you want to completely invest yourself in, be passionate about, and roll with them. Be willing to listen to the stories and successes of those around you, but don’t let the quantity of what they’re up to overwhelm you. You listen to the president speak about his job but you’re not freaking out about not being the president. At least I hope you’re not.

The memories you make will be the perfect fit for your life. So if you think you could be susceptible or that you are currently experiencing FOMO, fear not – chill out, do your homework, and make time for the things that make you happy. You won’t miss out for what you’re supposed to be there for, and you should trust what nugget says.