There are so many things that change the older you get. It’s undeniable and inescapable. Being that my birthday was yesterday, I found another item that has changed over the years.

Kids want presents. They want something they can run off and play with till they break it or have to go to bed. Even last year, I was thinking about what I wanted and it was all things that would be useful for a long time into the future, sure, but my list of presents was still there. This year was different though.

Being at college, the little things matter most. And that reality hit me when I realized that all I really wanted for my birthday was to take a nap and hangout with my parents and friends. Priorities, I am right?

Don’t get me wrong, everyone loves presents. I still bought myself a pair of boots. But now when I think of my birthday it isn’t about how many presents I can receive, it’s how much time I can spend with the people who care about me. And that’s what nugget says.