Fall is fun because it’s full of possibilities. It’s warm enough that you can wait to pull out your parka but it’s chilly enough that you can finally start to layer and girls put away the shorts that show their cheeks and boys are forced to wear shirts at all hours of the day in public. Great, right? But there’s even more – flannels.

They are not limited to fall, no, but they do take precedence during this season. And with good reason; the flannels I own are some of the most versatile pieces in my closet. Whether it’s because I want to spruce up an outfit, I actually need a little sweater, or it’s just comfy, flannels will cover all of the above. And they can range from pricey to cheap, so it’s a win win.

Your fall should be full of flannels because..

1) They go with everything

Pair of jeans and a tee? Flannel. Dress with booties? Flannel. Need a more sophisticated look? Tuck that flannel in and slap a belt on it.

2) They keep you warm

Maybe the most practical reason, but it’s getting colder and you need a light jacket. So why not a flannel? Most are made out of cotton and are super warm and comfortable. They don’t convey the look of a bulky jacket so they are great to keep on all day and look casual while staying warm.

3) They embody the spirit of fall fashion

Fall fashion is all about simple clothes with a few statement pieces. A flannel is one of the only pieces that can claim both of those titles. It can be a statement piece in an outfit that is put together with the mindset that the flannel will be the declaration of color or the ‘pop.’ It’s also simple because of its concept; it’s just a plaid button up in various colors. But it’s super freaking cute.

Fall should be versatile and that’s exactly what a flannel is. Flannels have their moment of glory during this time of year because of their context in fashion. A simple, comfortable yet non hobo-looking piece of clothing that is warm and extremely cute is something everyone should own. You can check out Urban Outfitters for some ideas but if you’re wanting so save not spend, head to any thrift store or the mens department. You’ll roll out with something vintage or something much cheaper but that still serves its purpose. Embrace fall and rock a flannel – that’s what nugget says.