Most everyone has a favorite tv show that they like to indulge in. I frequently binge watch documentaries and The Office on Netflix. And the type of shows people like to watch shouldn’t be judged… Unless it’s The Bachelor.

Every year, a new guy is picked to star on the show and have girls throw themselves at him all in the hopes of finding true love. I’m all for true love, but here are 5 reasons why The Bachelor is as fake as it gets.

  1. All of these people are drop dead gorgeous

The boy star? Super hot. The girl contestants? Absolutely beautiful. So why are all of these stunning people on a tv show that represents the fact that they can’t find anyone to love them? Because it isn’t real. These women can find nice boyfriends and I’m sure that all the bachelors can find nice girlfriends as well. Which ultimately means that the show is for show and not real.

2.  The crazy girls never get told to leave

There are always one or two girls who behave like absolute idiots during the course of the show and cause ridiculous amounts of drama. In real life, when a person is looking for a serious relationship, people like that are cut loose before you can say, “give me a rose.” But these drama queens are kept because they make things interesting, not to help lover boy find his woman.

3. They have group dates

What woman in her right mind says, “I like this boy. I’m going to go out on a date with him and 10 other really hot girls who like this boy. I will watch him hug, smile, touch, and kiss these other women and still believe that he thinks I am special and his future wife. I can’t wait.”

4. He is dating multiple women at one time

Much like number three, these women are witnessing the man they claim they want to spend the rest of their lives with actively date and pursue other women. How can a man who says he wants to find a monogamous, loving relationship with one woman be dating around 15 women simultaneously? He can’t.

5. They spend 10 minutes with him and claim to love him 

I had a friend who recently ran into a girl that was on the latest season of The Bachelor. The girl on the show left on her own free will and said it was because she had spent nine days on set and had only spoken to the man of her dreams for less than ten minutes. These women go on camera and claim to love and have a deep connection with someone that they barely know. Very unlikely.

For these reasons (and more), The Bachelor can’t be called a show about finding true love, but more like another show that falls under heavy, scripted reality tv. If you like that sort of thing, though, go for it. This is just what nugget says.