There are lists upon lists that tell you what to pack when you’re moving away for college. It probably has its own category on pinterest. But there are a few things that these lists don’t usually mention. And there are another couple of things that are even supposed to be *BaNnEd* that might shock you. So here’s a list of 4 things that you didn’t know you needed for college.

 1. Extension Cords

Surprisingly, most campuses have a policy against extension cords and having them in the dorms. But, in reality, they are very practical and useful and you probably won’t get in trouble for having them.

 2. Crockpot

If you are a responsible human being and can handle things that get hot, a crockpot is a great way to make a dorm feel more homey. There are tons of easy recipes that require almost no skill to make and taste way better than any cafeteria food. These are usually banned as well, but I won’t tell if you don’t.

 3. Shelves 

Most dorms don’t have enough space to put everything, so bringing some of your own shelves can be really helpful. These are usually pretty cheap and easy to put together.

 4. Real Silverware

Buying a few real forks, spoons, and knives will actually end up saving you money and being much easier to deal with. I went through so many plastic utensils first semester that I decided to buy some that I could just wash in my sink and keep using. It’s working out pretty well so far.

Every person’s experience is different, but from my experience so far, these things have been really helpful. But that’s just what nugget says.