4 Things You Didn’t Know You Needed For College

There are lists upon lists that tell you what to pack when you’re moving away for college. It probably has its own category on pinterest. But there are a few things that these lists don’t usually mention. And there are another couple of things that are even supposed to be *BaNnEd* that might shock you. So here’s a list of 4 things that you didn’t know you needed for college.

 1. Extension Cords

Surprisingly, most campuses have a policy against extension cords and having them in the dorms. But, in reality, they are very practical and useful and you probably won’t get in trouble for having them.

 2. Crockpot

If you are a responsible human being and can handle things that get hot, a crockpot is a great way to make a dorm feel more homey. There are tons of easy recipes that require almost no skill to make and taste way better than any cafeteria food. These are usually banned as well, but I won’t tell if you don’t.

 3. Shelves 

Most dorms don’t have enough space to put everything, so bringing some of your own shelves can be really helpful. These are usually pretty cheap and easy to put together.

 4. Real Silverware

Buying a few real forks, spoons, and knives will actually end up saving you money and being much easier to deal with. I went through so many plastic utensils first semester that I decided to buy some that I could just wash in my sink and keep using. It’s working out pretty well so far.

Every person’s experience is different, but from my experience so far, these things have been really helpful. But that’s just what nugget says.




Birthday Thoughts

There are so many things that change the older you get. It’s undeniable and inescapable. Being that my birthday was yesterday, I found another item that has changed over the years.

Kids want presents. They want something they can run off and play with till they break it or have to go to bed. Even last year, I was thinking about what I wanted and it was all things that would be useful for a long time into the future, sure, but my list of presents was still there. This year was different though.

Being at college, the little things matter most. And that reality hit me when I realized that all I really wanted for my birthday was to take a nap and hangout with my parents and friends. Priorities, I am right?

Don’t get me wrong, everyone loves presents. I still bought myself a pair of boots. But now when I think of my birthday it isn’t about how many presents I can receive, it’s how much time I can spend with the people who care about me. And that’s what nugget says.


30 Things Girls Think While Walking to Class

1) Should I lock my dorm? Nah.

2) Elevator or stairs.. Elevator.

3) I hope I see no one I know.

4) Why won’t the doors shut faster?

5) My backpack is so heavy.

6) Lalalalalala.

7) Okay, which doors do I go out of?

8) Outside at last!

9) Wish I was back inside, it’s hot.

10) That person is dressed up for class, should I be dressed up?

11) Nope.

12) I wonder if they really have to pay for your tuition if you get hit by a car..

13) Speed walk, speed walk, speed walk.

14) Ooooh free food over there!

15) I already ate, keep going, you can do it.

16) Maybe I should learn how to long board so I can ride it to class.


18) I wonder if they’re even taking roll today.

19) My backpack is so heavyyyyyyyyyy.

20) I’m sweating, gross.

21) Is this my building?

22) I’ll be nice and hold this door open.

23) No thank you? I’ll never hold the door again.

24) Almost there.

25) Does this count as my exercise for the day?

26) No one better be in my seat or it’ll be fight club in this class.

27) Guess I’ll just choose a different seat today..

28) Maybe we’ll get out early.

29) I’m dropping out.

30) Hey, a cute boy.


I’ve always thought of myself as someone whose in, ‘the know’, about most things. I’ve usually got a pretty good cap on what’s going on with the people around me and sometimes even the people that aren’t around me. This particular talent (is being nosy a talent?) comes from being extremely involved. I like to do things. And when I say things I mean everything. So, I’m a victim to FOMO.

I first heard a girl in my sorority talk about this iconic acronym and I found that it’s interesting and credible. It stands for, ’Fear Of Missing Out.’ It might sound ridiculous but there’s a point. There are so many activities and parties and clubs and meetings that you can’t possibly go to all of them but it can feel like you need to and there enters FOMO.

You see your friends going to a party and you’re worried they’ll have a great time and you’ll miss something so you put down your homework and pick up your straightener to start the process of getting ready. You hear people in your classes talk about the twelve student clubs they’re the leaders of and you start to worry that they’re gaining valuable information you’ll never have access to unless you join those clubs. You talk to your hallmates and they tell you about all the multicultural events they went to last week and how great it was and now you feel like you need to become well-versed in every culture or you’ll fail. The monster that’s anxiety threatens to roar its ugly head and you stress yourself out for no reason.

It’s important to have a well-rounded foundation and to involve yourself, but it’s also important to realize that you can only spread yourself so thin before everything will collapse. That being said, focus on the things that are specifically tailored to your interests. Pick a few activities that you want to completely invest yourself in, be passionate about, and roll with them. Be willing to listen to the stories and successes of those around you, but don’t let the quantity of what they’re up to overwhelm you. You listen to the president speak about his job but you’re not freaking out about not being the president. At least I hope you’re not.

The memories you make will be the perfect fit for your life. So if you think you could be susceptible or that you are currently experiencing FOMO, fear not – chill out, do your homework, and make time for the things that make you happy. You won’t miss out for what you’re supposed to be there for, and you should trust what nugget says.


Education is IMPORTANT

So we all know the implications that come with the words and phrases, ‘school,’ and, ‘homework,’ and, ‘I have to get up at 7 in the morning.’ Most of the time that stuff is terrible, if we’re being honest. I totally get that. Everyone gets that. But the great part? We all still have to do it.

Whether you’re sitting in high school or struggling through college, learning is a part of life. And even though it can be hard and you may not agree with the way your particular administration works, the value of information is priceless and always will be. Being a well rounded human being comes from knowing a well rounded amount of knowledge.

That being said, every area of learning is just as important as the next. Whether you’re into math and science or you like to curl up with a good book, math will still benefit you and english will still prove to be useful. Learning isn’t just about the end goal of a degree or a job or to just get through the system; it’s a never ending journey that is supposed to help shape the way you think and look at the world and situations around you and to foster continual growth.

Expand Your Mind: Importance of Lifelong Learning and Continuous Education, by Brian Tracy, a well-known leader in helping people develop personal achievement and business skills, talks about how learning is important whether you’re trying to keep up in your field or to expand your mind in general. You can read that article here

School may not always be the most fun, but neither is brushing our teeth and it’s still a necessity. At least it should be, but that’s just what nugget says.


Recruitment Week

One word that is guaranteed to get a reaction out of most girls – rush.

It’s a dreaded process of finding a home and a group that you fit into and that like you back. It’s the ultimate speed dating experience and you will leave the week as a new person. And while there are multiple different outcomes, it’s still valuable.

The whole idea is to look for a group that you can invest in and you can better. To some it is about looks; to some it is about smarts; to some it is about connections; and to some it is about how friendly you are. But isn’t that every group in the entire world? From playground pals to coworkers and business decisions, aren’t most all of them based off of those things? I would say yes. So that can dispel any misgivings you may be having about the process. It’s a blown up version of what everyone else does everyday.

At my college, the first two days of rush are spent wearing the same shirt and visiting every chapter on campus. This makes sense; they see 1,100 girls and the first impression shouldn’t necessarily be our outfits setting us apart. In a way it evens the playing field. The time you spend at the houses are brief and you just chatter with a few different girls and get a feel for the personality of the group. There is a lot of singing and a lot of unnecessary energy. But it makes it fun. And if you feel like that many jumpy girls isn’t your thing, my advice would be to remember this; these girls have to act that way during rush. What normal person in their right mind behaves that way every day? No one, including these girls.

The complicated part comes down to when you have to make cuts. It’s a mutual selection process so every girl going through has to narrow down her choices. For me, we went from all 11 houses to having to choose 8. So you would pick your top 8 and hope to get an invitation back to those houses. I got cut from one of my top 8 houses on the next day, so I had to go back to one of the three that I had cut. Which is normal, most girls don’t get invites back to all 8 parties that can be attended the next day. And this is how it works the rest of the days too; you go from 8 to 5 and then from 5 to 2 and hope the ones you keep keep you too. But you have to keep in mind that it’s mutual. If they cut you, then you wouldn’t have fit in there anyway.

The third day is about each houses philanthropy. Each chapter has an organization that they do fundraisers for and donate money to. The fourth day is a skit presentation and a house tour. The fifth day is preference night when you only have two houses left. (Whoot!) This night is basically all the girls talking about how their sorority has impacted them and why they love it so much. It is coupled with tears and lots of hugging, but hey, we’re girls and it’s what we do. Unless that’s not what you’re into, then no hugging for you.

The last day in this week is the fantasized bid day. After you’ve been forced to wait for hours to get your bid card with the house that you will end up in on it, girls take one look and run screaming to said house. Maybe out of happiness, maybe out of joy that the whole experience is over. For me it was both.

My rush experience was pretty good. I didn’t know much about the houses and just followed my gut. Another piece of advice would be to never let the title of ‘top house’ sway your decision. If the girls are awesome and you think you’d make good friends and have fun experiences, join that house. But if you don’t like any of the houses and you think being in a sorority isn’t for you, don’t join one. There’s no shame in doing that.

While many people think that rushing and joining a sorority is a waste of time and only for the shallow and conceited, speak to me or anyone whose done it after you’ve spent five days flirting with girls and putting yourself out on a limb. Nothing will test your confidence as much as running 8 blocks to a different sorority house in full makeup, a dress, and heels, hoping your favorite house doesn’t care that you might be a little sweaty and in need of a nap and maybe even a mint.

Rush is something I’m so glad I did but would never do again. Take that as you may, after all, it’s just what nugget says.


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