How to Choose: Elections 2016

So, as most people know, this is an election year in the U.S.. Any person who is a citizen in the states and is registered to vote should most definitely vote. I’ve asked around and one answer I’ve received as a reason that someone would not vote is that they do not know who to vote for.

This makes sense, especially this year with so many candidates. But, it is not an excuse to avoid participating in a voting process that will affect lives around the world. Not every person has the time to follow every debate and every appearance and every article that discusses the candidates and what they ate for lunch. So there is the issue.

Because of this, I have found an easy way to match a person to a presidential candidate that they share interests with and therefore a candidate that they can consider voting for.

The site is a quick and easy way to find out what candidate supports your views the most. The site has information on each candidate and their policies along with sources. There is also basic information for different issues that are going on currently.

The process is easy – you answer different sets of questions according to different political areas and then the system matches you with candidates and shows you their answers compared to your answers. Pretty simple, right?

It’s important to know what is going on in the world around you so if you have ten minutes, you should take a look. That’s what nugget says.



Paris, Gun Laws, and The Black Market

One of the greatest things about technology is that news travels fast. Tonight in Paris, there were multiple terrorist attacks that killed over 100 people. The French president declared France in a state of national emergency and closed the borders while he also said he plans on retaliation when whoever did this comes to light.

There are lessons in every tragedy and our hearts should go out to all of those affected. This type of attack can happen anywhere and at any time, with no warning. But a source of surprise and something to take notice of is that France has very strict gun laws that basically allow no civilians to carry firearms for self defense. A total analysis of the French gun laws can be found here. This raises the questions – are these gun laws affective and where did these terrorists get their weapons?

First of all, the topic of gun laws is very debated here in America. Both sides have evidence to support them, but there are some hard facts that support the allowance of civilians being able to carry firearms. The Guardian, a British publication, says that even though the U.S. is the first in the world with public ownership of guns, it is ranked 28 in the world for percentages of homicides by firearms, with 60 percent. France comes in with 9.6 percent of their homicides by firearms. The number is much lower, but for a country that is hard pressed to let normal citizens carry weapons, it is surprisingly high. And makes the point that those who want to have weapons, those who want to hurt others, will find ways to do it, regardless of the laws. A person who wants to kill another human being has to have some sort of issues but knowing that they will find tools to kill their subjects regardless, is the answer to take guns as a form of protection away from civilians who could turn out to be first responders?

Secondly, not only did the terrorists have guns, they had lethal bombs and other weapons. Due to the strict laws for firearms, the buying and selling is now underground. This enlarges the web of illegal money-making and the risk involved of the Black Market. There is really no telling where these terrorists got their guns because of this. In the U.S., at least for now, most guns are easily tracked back to owners and shops where they were bought through serial numbers and such. But when shops are not allowed to sell guns and they are traded illegally, that avenue of tracking becomes slim to none.

While the argument that making guns so hard to obtain that it isn’t worth it is supported because those who believe in it also believe that it would deter those who want to kill because of difficulty. But is that really true? There are many shooters who make their own guns, who steal them, etc. The only affect that taking gun laws to the extreme in America would have would be that now civilians on the street would no longer have the option to protect themselves.

Thoughts and prayers go out to those in France. Even though the terrorists are all thought to be dead at this point, hopefully the motives and larger group behind these attacks are found. I encourage you to do your own research and become informed, but that’s just what nugget says.


America the Brave

Seeing as today is a very infamous day in American history, I decided to throw out a few thoughts.

Whatever your stance is on american politics, policies, or presidents, it should have very little affect on your opinions of the men and women who dedicate their lives everyday to something bigger than themselves. There are problems in every governmental system and there are corrupt people in every aspect of life, but there are also the people who pull others out of burning buildings and the people who leave their families for the call of duty and the people who pull over reckless drivers so the roads are safe. These people are normal individuals who have aligned themselves with extraordinary careers.

America the Great is full of bravery. Bravery can be in the big or the small acts. But it is a special type of bravery to put yourself in the line of public safety everyday.

My hope is that people remember to respect – that people remember the reason we can gripe at each other about who can get married and whether McDonalds is charging too much for their coffee and if kids should learn to read at age 5 or 6. The tiny details are possible because the larger details are being taken care of by those who see the importance of stepping up to fill the dangerous roles and do exactly that.

The point is that you are being protected by a man or woman who doesn’t know your name and never will, that spends less time with their families than they would like, and that willingly chose to pursue a lifetime of service so that you don’t have to. Whether you agree with what goes on in the world or not, you get that decision because there are those who have given their lives to make sure you have a voice during yours.

Hopefully everyone understands this, but it’s still just what nugget says.


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