5 Reasons The Bachelor is Fake

Most everyone has a favorite tv show that they like to indulge in. I frequently binge watch documentaries and The Office on Netflix. And the type of shows people like to watch shouldn’t be judged… Unless it’s The Bachelor.

Every year, a new guy is picked to star on the show and have girls throw themselves at him all in the hopes of finding true love. I’m all for true love, but here are 5 reasons why The Bachelor is as fake as it gets.

  1. All of these people are drop dead gorgeous

The boy star? Super hot. The girl contestants? Absolutely beautiful. So why are all of these stunning people on a tv show that represents the fact that they can’t find anyone to love them? Because it isn’t real. These women can find nice boyfriends and I’m sure that all the bachelors can find nice girlfriends as well. Which ultimately means that the show is for show and not real.

2.  The crazy girls never get told to leave

There are always one or two girls who behave like absolute idiots during the course of the show and cause ridiculous amounts of drama. In real life, when a person is looking for a serious relationship, people like that are cut loose before you can say, “give me a rose.” But these drama queens are kept because they make things interesting, not to help lover boy find his woman.

3. They have group dates

What woman in her right mind says, “I like this boy. I’m going to go out on a date with him and 10 other really hot girls who like this boy. I will watch him hug, smile, touch, and kiss these other women and still believe that he thinks I am special and his future wife. I can’t wait.”

4. He is dating multiple women at one time

Much like number three, these women are witnessing the man they claim they want to spend the rest of their lives with actively date and pursue other women. How can a man who says he wants to find a monogamous, loving relationship with one woman be dating around 15 women simultaneously? He can’t.

5. They spend 10 minutes with him and claim to love him 

I had a friend who recently ran into a girl that was on the latest season of The Bachelor. The girl on the show left on her own free will and said it was because she had spent nine days on set and had only spoken to the man of her dreams for less than ten minutes. These women go on camera and claim to love and have a deep connection with someone that they barely know. Very unlikely.

For these reasons (and more), The Bachelor can’t be called a show about finding true love, but more like another show that falls under heavy, scripted reality tv. If you like that sort of thing, though, go for it. This is just what nugget says.




Birthday Thoughts

There are so many things that change the older you get. It’s undeniable and inescapable. Being that my birthday was yesterday, I found another item that has changed over the years.

Kids want presents. They want something they can run off and play with till they break it or have to go to bed. Even last year, I was thinking about what I wanted and it was all things that would be useful for a long time into the future, sure, but my list of presents was still there. This year was different though.

Being at college, the little things matter most. And that reality hit me when I realized that all I really wanted for my birthday was to take a nap and hangout with my parents and friends. Priorities, I am right?

Don’t get me wrong, everyone loves presents. I still bought myself a pair of boots. But now when I think of my birthday it isn’t about how many presents I can receive, it’s how much time I can spend with the people who care about me. And that’s what nugget says.


Smiling is Pretty

There are a few things I don’t leave my house without. Included in that list would be my phone, my student ID, and a snack, respectively. But it wasn’t until recently that I started to take the phrase, “don’t leave without a smile,” seriously.

First of all, it’s super cheesy. Sure, I’ll take my smile with me *insert eye roll.* But now that I’m somewhere new and different, I can see that it has some credibility. There are plenty of reasons to put an effort forth in trying to smile more.

1) It makes you look friendly

When I’m walking down the sidewalk on the way to class, I pass hundreds of people. Out of those hundreds, maybe only five smile at me as we make awkward eye contact. But you know what? Those are the people I remember and think to myself, “I bet that person is pretty friendly and nice.” Smiling at someone is like recognizing their existence and I believe feeling recognized is important. So smile at strangers and make them feel good.

2) RBF is not cool

I’ve heard jokes. I’ve looked at memes. I’ve seen it in person. Resting B*tch Face is not cute, despite what you might have heard. Why would you want to go around looking like you hate everyone in a five mile radius of you? I hope the answer is that you wouldn’t. I’ve been guilty of catching myself scowling and I try to correct that because if I was choosing a seat in class, it wouldn’t be next to the person who looks like they would cut me if I said hey. You don’t have to be constantly cheesin’, but don’t look like you are pissed at the human population.

3) Smiling can actually make you feel happier

In the article, ‘Does Smiling Make You Happy?,’ by Julia Layton, she discusses the multiple studies done on the effects of smiling. By engaging the facial muscles in a smile, the brain can be tipped in the right direction and let off, ‘happy hormones.’ Faking a smile may not make you the happiest person alive, but it can apparently show you the door to being happier, so why not? It’s free, too.

4) It makes you more attractive

People who smile have been found to be more attractive. There could be many reasons for this, ranging from the fact that smiling makes you happier and therefore those around you feel happy to be by you, all the way to the question – who doesn’t love someone who has a great smile? You’re more approachable when you smile, so you’re more likely to meet new people and form relationships with those around you.

5) It’s the most natural facial expression

Babies smile in their sleep as soon as they’re born. They start to smile while they’re awake at around a month of being alive. And that’s every baby in the whole world, making it the most natural and understood facial expression. So don’t tell yourself that you’re just not a smiley person, you’ve been doing it since you were born.

Smiling is a concept that cuts across every social, economic, racial, religious, and language barrier. It is mutually beneficial for the giver and the receiver. Here are 15 more facts about smiling if you don’t believe me. So just smile friends, you’ll enjoy it, but that’s just what nugget says.


Communication: It’s A Good Thing

Every relationship is different. But I think there are a few baselines that connect them all. One of these is that you should never question your significant others desire to be with you. Relationships are about companionship and love and support. So why are you in a relationship with someone who isn’t around enough to be your companion, give you enough support, and therefore struggles with making you feel loved?

It is always important to love yourself and not be crazy when bae hasn’t texted back in an hour. But when it’s been four days and you’ve talked only a few minuscule times, or they always forget that you’re about to have something important to do, or they don’t act interested, that’s when it’s time to look a little deeper.

You deserve to be with someone who is genuinely curious about you, someone who wants to hear about your day just as much as they want to share theirs with you, and someone who understands the value of a, ‘good luck,’ and a, ‘congrats.’ Maybe they are busy and stressed or maybe they are trying to get a message to you, but whatever the reason, if it’s affecting you, talk about it.

People can forget the importance of communicating and the positive affects it can have when it’s present and the negative affects it can have when it’s absent. They also forget that communicating isn’t just about the bad stuff. It’s about the good things too. The tiny things. The, ‘what color shirt should I wear today,’ things. A partner who forgets about you more than not can make you feel lousy, undesired, and alone. In a world where we find ourselves by ourselves frequently, it can be painful to feel like the one person you’ve decided to be with is perfectly fine without you.

Remember, you’re choosing to invest in this person. Shouldn’t they be just as interested in investing in you as well? I’m thinking so, but that’s just what nugget says.


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