IMG_3909┬áSt. George’s Island, Florida. Boardwalks and views like this can be found everywhere on the island

Nerja, Spain
Nerja, Spain

A small beach town in southern Spain, Nerja is complete with classic spanish architecture and night life. The beaches are beautiful with clear water, the cobbled streets are lined with shops and restaurants, and the people are all friendly. The fresh air practically hits you in the face, but in a way that makes you want to run towards the sea and stay till your feet are too cold and you need some gelato.

Hanging Bridges, Monachil, Spain
Hanging Bridges, Monachil, Spain

*Important First Post

So, here we are. I’ve started this blog with little to no knowledge of what I’m doing and you’ve incidentally clicked on it. From what I’ve read and seen on the internet, blogs are all about getting your personal ideas out into the open and connecting with people. Those are things I hope to accomplish. And to start things off, here’s a little disclaimer: I cannot be held responsible for the amount of love (or hate) you develop for this little project of mine and the actions you may take accordingly. After all, all of this is just what nugget says.

xoxo Kayla

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