IMG_3909 St. George’s Island, Florida. Boardwalks and views like this can be found everywhere on the island


5 Reasons The Bachelor is Fake

Most everyone has a favorite tv show that they like to indulge in. I frequently binge watch documentaries and The Office on Netflix. And the type of shows people like to watch shouldn’t be judged… Unless it’s The Bachelor.

Every year, a new guy is picked to star on the show and have girls throw themselves at him all in the hopes of finding true love. I’m all for true love, but here are 5 reasons why The Bachelor is as fake as it gets.

  1. All of these people are drop dead gorgeous

The boy star? Super hot. The girl contestants? Absolutely beautiful. So why are all of these stunning people on a tv show that represents the fact that they can’t find anyone to love them? Because it isn’t real. These women can find nice boyfriends and I’m sure that all the bachelors can find nice girlfriends as well. Which ultimately means that the show is for show and not real.

2.  The crazy girls never get told to leave

There are always one or two girls who behave like absolute idiots during the course of the show and cause ridiculous amounts of drama. In real life, when a person is looking for a serious relationship, people like that are cut loose before you can say, “give me a rose.” But these drama queens are kept because they make things interesting, not to help lover boy find his woman.

3. They have group dates

What woman in her right mind says, “I like this boy. I’m going to go out on a date with him and 10 other really hot girls who like this boy. I will watch him hug, smile, touch, and kiss these other women and still believe that he thinks I am special and his future wife. I can’t wait.”

4. He is dating multiple women at one time

Much like number three, these women are witnessing the man they claim they want to spend the rest of their lives with actively date and pursue other women. How can a man who says he wants to find a monogamous, loving relationship with one woman be dating around 15 women simultaneously? He can’t.

5. They spend 10 minutes with him and claim to love him 

I had a friend who recently ran into a girl that was on the latest season of The Bachelor. The girl on the show left on her own free will and said it was because she had spent nine days on set and had only spoken to the man of her dreams for less than ten minutes. These women go on camera and claim to love and have a deep connection with someone that they barely know. Very unlikely.

For these reasons (and more), The Bachelor can’t be called a show about finding true love, but more like another show that falls under heavy, scripted reality tv. If you like that sort of thing, though, go for it. This is just what nugget says.



Movie of the Week – ‘Woman in Gold’

If you’re interested in movies that pull at your conscious and make you look closer at the difficult journey that a court case can be, then the ‘Woman in Gold‘ is for you.

This film is about an older woman who grew up in Austria during World War II and because of her jewish heritage and beliefs, was persecuted. Her family was wealthy and in possession of a priceless painting that was stolen. The main plot line is her hiring a young lawyer to help her get the painting back from the Austrian government. Helen Mirren plays Maria Altmann, the charming elderly woman with a backbone and a history. She is quick witted and knows how to take care of herself and the chemistry between her and Ryan Reynolds, who plays the young lawyer Randy Schoeburg, is what really pulls the audience in to the heart of the story.

Both have jewish ties and both have had to deal with distress from the Nazis in their past. There are flashbacks showing little looks into Maria’s life when she was still young and in Austria that pull at the heartstrings and make you fall in love with this woman who is on a mission to reclaim what has been lost.

This movie isn’t just about politics or an old woman being stubborn – it’s about loss and patience and the continuation of strength through years of suffering. It’s about courage and the knowledge that things don’t define you, but they can represent happy times and happy memories. ‘Woman in gold‘ gave me chills and had me googling more details about the true story it’s based upon. It’s a must see, but that’s just what nugget says.


11 Top Travel Tips

Traveling can seem overwhelming and impossible. And it can be overwhelming – expensive, far, etc. But it doesn’t have to be a stressful and nail biting experience. Here are 11 tips to help have a successful adventure.

1) Pack Efficiently
Most people overlook the little details when planning a trip. This includes forgetting the tragedy that hauling two suitcases through airports, to different hotels, and in multiple cars can be. Packing efficiently can save you so much grief and it starts with planning your outfits and bringing pieces that can potentially be worn more than once, and remembering to roll your clothes. This technique will provide much more space and One Bag can show you how to make it happen.

2) Bring Medicine
No one wants to be on vacation and get a migraine only to realize that after they’ve dragged themselves to the nearest drug store that they can’t find the medicine they need because they can’t speak german. Bring the basic medical necessities with you to save yourself the hassle of feeling sick and helpless.

3) Learn Basic Words
Locals appreciate this. You are a visiter in their home country and a little effort will go a long way. Purchase an english-to-language dictionary or write down few important words and phrases. The locals will be much more receptive and helpful towards you if they know that you’re truly invested.

4) Dress Nicer Than Normal
In America, it is normal for people to go about in sweats and old sneakers. In Europe, for example, someone wouldn’t only wear their gym clothes if they were on the way to the gym. And maybe even then, they would change into their workout clothes once they got there. Look presentable when you’re getting ready to go out for the day.

5) Ask The Locals
These people live here, what better way to find out the best things to do? Guidebooks and Google don’t have everything. Ask around to find the best places, restaurants, and directions.

6) Eat Local Food
You can eat all the pizza and burgers you want when you get home. Unless you’re in Italy, don’t eat the pizza. (but if you are in Italy, do eat the pizza. It is so good). Food prepared in other countries is usually much fresher and includes ingredients that are hard to come by in the states. It may not be your favorite, but branch out and get a true cultural experience.

7) Don’t Be Flashy
The Michael Kors purse? Leave it at home. Those diamond earrings? Don’t take them. People will steal from you, especially if you are out and about in valuables. Hotels usually have a safe to leave priceless items in. But remember that you should always carry your passport with you.

8) Don’t cram your trip
It can sometimes feel like if you’re not seeing a new site every few hours and visiting 12 cities in a week that you aren’t getting the most out of your trip, but that is not so. It is just as important to plan a day or two to just relax and enjoy yourself. Pick a few key destinations and get the most out of them.

9) Journal
You will not remember the details. There are so many things to see and smell and taste that you can’t possibly remember. Take time every night to write down what you did that day, from start to finish. In 30 years, you’ll be happy you did.

10) Be Flexible
You will miss your train. You will lose your tickets. Your reservations will be mixed up. That’s okay. You will find something else to do. Getting stressed out will only sour the mood and take away from your trip. You’re on vacation, have fun.

11) Be Present
Take your pictures, but then put away your phone. Post things when you get back to the hotel and talk to your friends when you make it home. You don’t want to miss the sunset over the Eiffel Tower because you were stuck to your phone screen. There’s a big world out there and you don’t want to wish that you had taken advantage of seeing it while you had the chance instead of retweeting that cat picture.

Traveling is a blessing and if you’re lucky enough to go on a trip, remember these tips. They will help, at least that’s what nugget says.


Reasons to Rock a Flannel

Fall is fun because it’s full of possibilities. It’s warm enough that you can wait to pull out your parka but it’s chilly enough that you can finally start to layer and girls put away the shorts that show their cheeks and boys are forced to wear shirts at all hours of the day in public. Great, right? But there’s even more – flannels.

They are not limited to fall, no, but they do take precedence during this season. And with good reason; the flannels I own are some of the most versatile pieces in my closet. Whether it’s because I want to spruce up an outfit, I actually need a little sweater, or it’s just comfy, flannels will cover all of the above. And they can range from pricey to cheap, so it’s a win win.

Your fall should be full of flannels because..

1) They go with everything

Pair of jeans and a tee? Flannel. Dress with booties? Flannel. Need a more sophisticated look? Tuck that flannel in and slap a belt on it.

2) They keep you warm

Maybe the most practical reason, but it’s getting colder and you need a light jacket. So why not a flannel? Most are made out of cotton and are super warm and comfortable. They don’t convey the look of a bulky jacket so they are great to keep on all day and look casual while staying warm.

3) They embody the spirit of fall fashion

Fall fashion is all about simple clothes with a few statement pieces. A flannel is one of the only pieces that can claim both of those titles. It can be a statement piece in an outfit that is put together with the mindset that the flannel will be the declaration of color or the ‘pop.’ It’s also simple because of its concept; it’s just a plaid button up in various colors. But it’s super freaking cute.

Fall should be versatile and that’s exactly what a flannel is. Flannels have their moment of glory during this time of year because of their context in fashion. A simple, comfortable yet non hobo-looking piece of clothing that is warm and extremely cute is something everyone should own. You can check out Urban Outfitters for some ideas but if you’re wanting so save not spend, head to any thrift store or the mens department. You’ll roll out with something vintage or something much cheaper but that still serves its purpose. Embrace fall and rock a flannel – that’s what nugget says.


Movie of the Week – ‘The Intern’

Everyone watches movies. Whether at home or out at the theater, it’s a classic American pass-time. Because of that, it’s easy to say that most people have seen some pretty tragic movies. My goal is to help with that. I’m an avid movie buff, I love to curl up and watch a new movie (hopefully a good one). So, I thought it would be fun to do a movie of the week and spread some knowledge about movies that are interesting and fun to watch! Be proud; if you’re reading this, you’re about to be here for the start of a tradition.

This week, I watched ‘The Intern.’ It starred Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro, who honestly worked so well together. The plot was that Anne’s character started an internet sensational business and became the head of an insanely successful company within the last two years but she is overwhelmed and frantic. Her company starts a PR program that recruits senior citizens to be interns. There enters De Niro, who plays an experienced gentleman who is retired but is still rocking’ it. They start to work together and everything that follows will make you laugh and cry.

It touched home on many topics and could relate to multiple interests. Maybe it could be classified as a “rom-com,” but really it was just a good movie about the reality of life and stress. I left the theater in love with an old man, inspired to follow my passions, and with the need to tell everyone I know that they should go watch this movie. Ergo, the birth of this new, weekly column. ‘The Intern’ rocked, but you should check it out for yourself because until you do, that’s just what nugget says.


Birthday Thoughts

There are so many things that change the older you get. It’s undeniable and inescapable. Being that my birthday was yesterday, I found another item that has changed over the years.

Kids want presents. They want something they can run off and play with till they break it or have to go to bed. Even last year, I was thinking about what I wanted and it was all things that would be useful for a long time into the future, sure, but my list of presents was still there. This year was different though.

Being at college, the little things matter most. And that reality hit me when I realized that all I really wanted for my birthday was to take a nap and hangout with my parents and friends. Priorities, I am right?

Don’t get me wrong, everyone loves presents. I still bought myself a pair of boots. But now when I think of my birthday it isn’t about how many presents I can receive, it’s how much time I can spend with the people who care about me. And that’s what nugget says.


Breakfast Bar Bliss

Open and airy, breakfast bars in Spain need to be a daily visit. Fresh produce and pastries along with a great view of the city around you make them so memorable.
Open and airy, breakfast bars in Spain need to be a daily visit. Fresh produce and pastries along with a great view of the city around you make them so memorable.

30 Things Girls Think While Walking to Class

1) Should I lock my dorm? Nah.

2) Elevator or stairs.. Elevator.

3) I hope I see no one I know.

4) Why won’t the doors shut faster?

5) My backpack is so heavy.

6) Lalalalalala.

7) Okay, which doors do I go out of?

8) Outside at last!

9) Wish I was back inside, it’s hot.

10) That person is dressed up for class, should I be dressed up?

11) Nope.

12) I wonder if they really have to pay for your tuition if you get hit by a car..

13) Speed walk, speed walk, speed walk.

14) Ooooh free food over there!

15) I already ate, keep going, you can do it.

16) Maybe I should learn how to long board so I can ride it to class.


18) I wonder if they’re even taking roll today.

19) My backpack is so heavyyyyyyyyyy.

20) I’m sweating, gross.

21) Is this my building?

22) I’ll be nice and hold this door open.

23) No thank you? I’ll never hold the door again.

24) Almost there.

25) Does this count as my exercise for the day?

26) No one better be in my seat or it’ll be fight club in this class.

27) Guess I’ll just choose a different seat today..

28) Maybe we’ll get out early.

29) I’m dropping out.

30) Hey, a cute boy.

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